Tuesday, October 23, 2007

To My Mother

I wanted you to see your granddaughter
Lila Judith
At least once, in my arms
I wanted you to hold her tight
And love her as your own
Which I know you would have done

I wanted you to live until a ripe old age
Just as you thought you would
A hundred years and more

You were the strongest person I have ever known
You helped me through so many times
When I was hurt or scared, in pain and in despair
Your strength, your will was so profound

Your courage in those final years
Was immense, immeasurable, unlimited
You never showed your pain
You never once broke down and cried
As I would have done so easily and so often

And though you are gone from this life
You still are with me
You visit me in my dreams
And talk to me
And love me still

And as long as you are with us
In our thoughts and memories
Your spirit lives on
With all of us
With each life you touched
And as long as you are with us
You will not be forgotten
And so you are not gone

I love you mom

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