Friday, January 18, 2008

My Tooth

I broke my tooth late last year on a Chinese sparerib. We had taken the girls to a Chinese retaurant and I bit into this bony little rib with very little meat. Unfortunately, I bit down pretty damn hard and hit solid bone (on the rib, not the tooth) Apparently the sparerib was tougher than my tooth because my tooth gave way before the sparerib did. The tooth cracked and felt like it was going to fall out at any moment. Luckily there was no pain (root canal done 15 years ago) I made an emergency dentist appt and got in that night. My dentist patched it up temporarily with some sort of tooth cement.

Several dental apppointments later, I had a post drilled in and connected to my original tooth. That lasted a few months until my tooth essentially disintegrated and fell out. I then had a fake tooth made and attached to a retainer which I wore for a few more months. I made an appt with an oral surgeon to have an implant done. The retainer lasted a few months and then I lost it. Damn thing just disappeared one day. I have a sneaking suspicion I left it on the table of our local IHOP.

So I am now toothless and scary looking until I get back in to see the oral surgeon and get the implant. I look like a pirate. Implants are not covered by most dental insurance plans and it's only going to cost me about $3500 ! Yipee!

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