Friday, January 30, 2009

WOW. A New Update

So it's been several months since I've updated the site. I guess it was Thanksgiving, when I decided to cook paella. Actually I updated the site one night when I needed to print out a picture of our kitchen sink. I was getting ready to replace it (or have it replaced because I'm so lazy) and I needed a picture of it to bring to Home Depot. The pictures looked like crap 'cause our printer was low on ink so I posted them on the blog and had Home Depot look at it online. I left the pics on the site for a few days with the title "Kitchen Sink" and someone left the comment, "Yep. That's a sink allright"

What's been going on? We have a new president. A new chapter in our history has begun. Literally. The first black president. Is this a big deal? I think so, but it hasn't seemed like such a big deal around our parts. Sure, all my friends are glad, but no parades or parties... maybe it's because I live in a predominantly white section of the state or country. Left wing whitey is happy but soon forgets and goes back to business as usual. I guess that includes me too. My daughter was with me in line at the supermarket the other day when she suddenly shouted out "OBAMA!"

My friend Aram Sohigian, fellow Armenian and old high school chap, is going to Kamchatka with his girlfriend. Why do I know this? Because I joined Facebook a month or so ago and suddenly I'm conversing with everyone from high school 25 yrs ago. But Facebook is not what I want to talk about; I want to talk about Kamchatka. And I will.....

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