Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kamchatka - полуостров Камчатка

My friend Aram is going to Kamchatka in the summer of this year. I had never heard of this place, a peninsula in the Far East portion of Russia. I became intrigued and wrote to my friend Thomas, who calls Moscow home, trying to find out more about it. Here was such a huge land mass, one that I did not even know existed, suddenly presented to me. It is a place of arctic tundras, volcanoes, acid springs, rugged terrain. How could I have missed all of this? It was as if an entirely new world was suddenly thrust into existence.

So I Googled it, I asked Aram about it, I emailed Thomas. Turns out that Thomas is currently working for a company who has a client based out of Kamchatka. Well whaddya know? The client builds some of the largest helicopters in the world. (More about them later)

I started to read more about Kamchatka. The following is what I found out...

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